What happened if someone use our computer in our absence and left some traces around the system.

We always worry about someone  intruders accessing your system, is our computer protected or not ??

is our wireless connection are in safe or not?Even we donno if other people around us using or system or not?

when we are in absence in our home  there is chance to hack our password , access our computer without our permission.there is a chance to steal the important files and the documents .

There is a simple way to find out is they using our computer or not?.

To keep our PC safe from the hackers. there is the built in process in our computer to clear our suspect. it work for windows  and OS X

Steps to find When your computer was last used : 

=> go to “start” and press “Run” or press window+R



Type ‘eventvwr.msc’  And press” OK”

just click on the Event Viewer in the left navigation bar, and you’ll see a folder for Windows Logs. Expand that folder, and you’ll see the different categories for Windows logs that you have to work with



=>In Event viewer (local) press the window log  at the left side of the window tab will open .double click  the “system’  choose Filter Current Log.


=>This screen will display .The log show the details of everything that has happened recently on your computer with dates and times in order . You can use this data to find out when your computer was last used by the ordered events .