We will come across so many risk to take a single photograph . We upload the image in our profile.we will see the same image in the some other link .we don’t know who copied that image from our site. but we had never give the permission to use our photos to their site owners, they taken from the flickr , tumblr, pinterest page .

Sometimes they will create as the fake photograph too, it may chance to create the so many problem in our personal life. We will see the fake account in  social networking websites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

But we donno what to do, if we asked to remove the photo from that site , not every site owner will accept to  remove the photos. the main way to protect the photo is just watermark your photos.

 there is a way to identify if the image copied from our site    in their blogs, website, Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus account,the way is Reverse Image search. you are going to search the image by their URL. if we upload the original photo of the image , the image will get the unique URL. if we search the image through the specific URL in the search engine , it will identify the image where it hidden in the some other place wherever it published in the every corner of the internet.

Google Reverse Image Search :

  •  open the  Google search engine
  •  Between the Web, Images, News, Maps and other option in the google . just  click on “Images” option.
  •   Google Images will open , you will see camera icon in text box where you write image name
  •  just click on that camera icon to get new dialog box. There will be two options

                                          1. Paste Image URL

                                          2. Upload an Image
  • You have to just choose appropriate option to find similar photos. If you have photo in your computer then selected second option. and select the “choose file” Button  , upload photo from the PC which you want to search on web..
  • While first option is used to directly fetch photo from specified website/blog. In last, click on “Search by Images” Paste image URL and to search by your photo select the option of” Upload an image”..
  • Keep scrolling down, and now these results will all be for the image you searched for. You can click on these results and see all the sites where your photo is posted.
  • After providing image, Google Images search engine will find similar images and gives you result with same photos used somewhere else over the Internet. So, it is very easy to find where that photos are being used with different names.



There is a another way to  find similar images used in some other website .

TinEye Search :

 Sometimes we see the same photo as it uploaded by us resembles same with the identical content within the image ,file name or the meta name can be easily changable . it can’t work out by the reverse image search. it is more tricky. but i have the another way to spot the fake photo =>  TinEye, is a free to use that can actually perform reverse images searches 

 Tin eye lets you submit an image to find out where it came from, how it’s being used, and if modified versions exist in the internet world.



  • It will show the two option like the  Google’s image search,.Then press the  Choose file button to select the photo from your computer which you want to search on internet.
  • After choosing the photo, it will make a quick search and tin Eye  will show you the   a list of sites that matched with your uploaded image.

TinEye finds exact and altered copies of the images – those that have been cropped, color adjusted, resized, heavily edited, or slightly rotated. 

Hope this article is informative and useful to detect your photograph is more protected or not . is being used by some other website or not.