Many hackers are surviving in the facebook. always trying to hack others account. not all the time we will keep our account more secure. even my friends account also hacked by the professional hackers. they chance to use their photos for the wrong purpose, they will send the nasty link to your friend .

They won’t know that your account is hacked. it  create the misunderstanding and the wrong impression among your friend’s circle.This is a serious problem and there are ways to avoid this issue.


You won’t allow the hackers to access your account. you must keep your account more safe  by Check your privacy settings.. you should Change your password regularly,select the strong password as difficult to guess and importantly don’t share your password with anyone.

For the help you refer this article=>How to make strong and secure passwords. Important thing is don’t share your account information with others(even to your friends) and never post any personal issue in the status and your current updates in the status board.(even it will chance to affect your perrsonal life too).

Once you realized that your facebook account is hacked ,, it’s already too late.  but don’t worry it is the easy job fix the hacked account now. You can send an email to Facebook through the  Help function,  If you can’t able to access through your account you can go through your friends account  behalf of you to lock your facebook account.You can ask a friend or colleague to contact them on your behalf and Facebook will then lock the account.

And for the further steps,i write this article to how to recover the hacked facebook account.


Steps to recover the hacked FaceBook account

If you think your account or a friend’s account had been hacked, go immediately to Facebook’s Help Center and  follow the procedures given below.

  • First go to the   Facebook’s help documentation page  =>click here from the account which is hacked.


  • Click “My Account is Hacked” and  then select “Secure it here.”


  • After you clicked type your password in the text field and click on ” continue”  


  • Then the confirmation message is displayed to your are accessing the correct account. press  “continue”.


  • Then again press “continue” to proceed with securing your account.


  • After you clicked continue they display the text  box to  type a new password . type the new password in the corresponding text fields and click on “continue”.


  •  Facebook displays an advisory that you should change your email account password.

  • Click “Continue” to proceed. Facebook confirms that your account is verified.


  • then press on on “continue” to proceed with unlocking your account.


  • Then you should click on” choose a security question” drop-down menu 


  • select a question and  answer the security question in the corresponding text field and press  “submit”.


  •  then you can click on “log in” to proceed to your unlocked account.


Now you will get your own facebook page again.

Be careful!!! one day it will happen to you too.Keep  your Facebook account safe

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