Now you can easily stop  the Google+ sending notification to you .The steps are very easy .  While you are busy in some other work, you don’t need to worry about the notification always blinking on your screen.It mostly happens when someone add us to their circle, they will send photos, mails, messages, comments to our status, share our post or tag us in their photos, other people add newly to us or someone mentioned in their post.In earlier days it seems to be interesting.

But after fews later it will seems to be irritating mainly when some unknown person tried to mentioned in the unimportant matters.And many of the bloggers  and the website managers will the problem a lot.Many of the people in the circle are not their friends.And If you have joined any Google+ community and If you haven’t disabled Google plus notifications in that community.

They will share lot of post, there are many chances to mention you in the post comments and in return it will come as the notifications.And you can easily control the unknown person sending  mails to you. You can keep you mail private This article will discuss about the easy steps , follow it to stop email notifications.It will help you avoid your mail box looks like the dist bin.

How To Turn Off or Stop Email Notifications From Google Plus

To turn off the Google+ notification, you have to customize the notification settings in your Google plus account. 

1.First you have to  Login to your Google+ account

2..You then need to click the dropdown arrow just beside your profile picture on the upper right side of your profile page.


3.After clicking the dropdown arrow, you’ll see several clickable links but you only need to click the word “Account”you will land to a personal info page where you have to click on ” Edit settings ” under Google+ settings as showing in the below screenshot.


4.You then need to click the “Google+” on the middle left side part of the page. You can find it just beneath the “Profile and privacy” link and above the “Products” link.

5.After clicking “Google+”, you then need to scroll down to see the “Receive Notifications” section of the page. You’ll see tons of check boxes under the email icon and the ones under the phone icon.


6.You just have to leave the boxes under the email icon empty so you won’t receive any email notifications.

7.If you feel that you DO want to receive some of the email notifications, you just have to check the box. You can manage it accordingly by checking and unchecking the boxes.

8.After setting-up your notification, the page automatically saves your setting so don’t even look for “save” or “update” buttons, you won’t find one.

9.To stop getting unwanted notifications from Google+ communities, simply unchecked the box in communities activities as showing in the below the notifications settings and de-select the checkbox for any you do not want to receive. To find the “Communities” section, enter “Ctrl + f” to search for it on the webpage.

Each time a box is changed, it is effective immediately and there is no need to save the page.


It is an easy way to turn off email notification from that community.

If you want to check in the community Simply Go to that community and on the left side of the screen, you will see an iconic bell. Click on that bell to stop getting notifications for new posts from that community. 

If you will follow all the above steps correctly then you will easily  disable notifications from Google plus.