we fix the strong and the non guessable password to our laptop or the personal computer to save our personal data. sometimes we will forget the password. even if we think hard to remember  the forgotten password , it won’t come to our mind. it may happen to anyone.If we log off , it won’t get back to normal , Then we searching for the way to recover the password to come back to normal.  then we have to the technical expert. don’t worry now no need to go the service center or searching for the technical expert.

Now you can easily reset the system password , if it was lost. Mostly in the window create an account “administrator ” with the empty password as the default . we don’t need to do the too much of steps. In the safer way we can able to enter through the administrator account.

But the hectic thing is if you changed the default administrator account password as your password, .hopefully this administrator user will not have a password set ,if it does then you probably set it.

Here is the way to reset user account password,

Turn the laptop on as normal ,To reset,press F8 continually, you should be given a boot menu, use the keyboard arrows and the enter key to choose safe mode.

At the safe mode log in you should be able to select administrator,  . enter the user name  and leave the password tab as empty.and press enter.

After entering into the administrator account and go to the user control panel where you’d normally change your password and navigate through there to your user and remove password.

Note the password and now you can access the user account normally.

If this method won’t work we need to use the window reset disk or the other software like isunshare,the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery 6.0,Window password rescuer.

  Use password reset disk to Windows 7 password

If you forgot the window 7 password , you need a Windows 7 password reset disk  to reset the window 7 password.

, you can use a password reset disk to create a new one. We recommend that you create a password reset disk when you create your password, so you don’t lose access to your files and information.

To create a password reset disk


  1. Insert your removable media. like (a USB flash drive or floppy disk).
  2. Open User Accounts by click the Start button , clicking Control Panel, click the User Accounts and Family Safety, and then clicking User Accounts.
  3. In the left pane, click Create a password reset disk, and then follow the instructions. Make sure you store the password reset disk in a safe place.

If you won’t  create the window 7 password reset disk , you can’t able to reset your password


Method 3 -Use third-party tool

There is another way  to reset or recover forgotten password Windows 7. To follow this way You don’t have to reinstall your Windows 7 system. The only one you need is to use a third party tool  like isunshare,the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery 6.0,Window password rescuer.. i prefer the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery 6.0  for  Windows password recovery program

  •  First you have to download the  SmartKey Windows Password Recovery 6.0 and and install this program from another accessible computer.
  • Open this tool and then choose the CD/DVD/USB to create the password reset disk. Then click the Burn button to start burning a bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive.
  • Take this bootable disc away and then insert it to your locked computer, remember to restart your locked computer.
  •  Then you will enter the UI of this Windows password recovery program, you can select the locked account and then click the option to remove or recover the password.

You will use less than 10 minutes to log in your computer when you forgot Windows 7 administrator password with the help of this third-party tool.