Trace location of ip address :

 IP address is a unique string of numbers separated by periods or full stops It is a very important part of internet and computers connected to the internet. Each computer has the unique IP address over the network.The IP address of your computer is accessed by almost every website so that it can communicate and identify your computer on the network. you can trace the location of the computer by the  IP address and you can easily find the person behind  the IP address.
how to find and trace


There are many tools and the apps available in the internet world. But thr disadvantage if you check the IP address from thr two different tool. If you compare the location of the two tool, it will vary, it shows two different location.So you always need to check from two different tool But i have a solution for this problem.i have few best best tool in the internet to show the correct  geographical Location of an IP Address.

IPlocation is a Best option to search the correct and the accurate  location of the IP address,it is the  free online tool which can be used to find the location of IP addresses. You don’t  need to go to the various IP location tools, It will identify the exact location of the   IPLocation.Here is the few steps to follow to find the IP address location.


Go to IPlocation

After you enter into  the website, you can see that the website is showing IP address of your computer along with location.

Now enter IP address for which you want to find the location on IP Address bar and click on Query

Then  it will display the exact location of the IP Address. It will shows the multiple locator services .If two or more services are showing the same location then you are done! That’s the location of IP address you are searching for.


whatismyipaddress is the free of charge. They can be used to help trace or track an IP address.This tool provides details about an IP address. It’s estimated physical location (country, state, and city) and a map.This tool provides a mapped graphical representation of a traceroute from our server to the requested IP addres


Geobytes IPlocator

Geobytes is the another best option  to get the  accurate location of an IP address,One of the best things about Geobytes is it  shows country code, currency, continent, proxy information and population of the country.By default this website will show your own IP address and also close-up location on Google maps.

Go to Geobytes IPLocator  and type the IP address  on the box and click on Submit. it will shows teh result within few minutes.