Twitter is the most popular social  network.More the  million people spend their whole time in tweeting with friends, sharing photos, videos. even we spending more time in twitter,we don’t know many strategies .these article help you give information about the twitter tricks.
 Choose the correct name
Choose the perfect username for your personal account or your pages . while choosing the page name, select the short ,catchy names and easily strikes in viewers mind to remember  to open your account.don’t use  too many special characters. .When they want to retweet your tweet,  if your name is too big , the character is also in count.
Advanced Search on Tweetdeck
 If you want to do the advanced search in twitter now you can search on Tweetdeck. this tool can make our search more easier and effectively, if you want to filter by location for example, or exclude certain keywords  by Engagement,Users,Content basis from your search can also setup the alert.Before the tweetdeck you normally  loading up the search bar by selecting ‘add column, then ‘search’. but now it is simple , just apply the search operators and   save those searches for instant updates.
You can now manage the multiple account   by Keep track of scheduled Tweets from each account.,Keep track of each account’s Tweets or  Send Tweets from one or both accounts.   And the another best factor is you can Create a custom Twitter Keep track of several topics, accounts and Tweets at once.

 Character Limit

 You are allowed to use 120 characters only in the tweet, the reason is  if your followers retweeted your tweet , you want your original tweet to stay in tweet space, without them having to edit or abbreviate it.If you make your Tweets too long, the Retweeter might have to shorten or alter  your tweet  . so they better avoid to retweet. so use the minimum characters . so only many followers come forward to retweet your tweet.
 Use Twitter search
Using twitter advanced search you can Search for your website/blog URL and see where others  twitters have mentioned you. you can search about the location, technology, fashion, persons, you can use like the google search  . for example if you search the name as grylls, they will show the person in the name to follow, or other person who all mentioned the name “grylls”  , pictures of the person who are in name of grylls.. If you are don’t like this  of add tweets then add  -filter:links at the end of your search query. if you find anything as favorite you can also save in  “Save this search” button. You can see this again in  “Saved Searches” on the right-hand part of your profile or under the “Searches” tab next to your Twitter interface.
List save your time to get the information of the required data what you want. between the multiple followers , list help you  to select the particular person. go to the twitter home page after sign in. you can see the gear button in the right hand side. press it . now you can select the list button and subscribe it then  allows you to make list in a separate column or go to the selective person profile and add them in the list. list will categorize  your peoples.They will know that you have added them in the list unless you mark them private. So take your pick and start listing.
Find deals on Twitter
 This Twitter coupon search is a handy tool that allows you to see which current  deals are  shared on Twitter.  You can search by keyword or type to see a current Twitter stream of people sharing offers in real-time or the Browse Stores by Letter. W   it will offer the  best deals and discounts. you can Search for everything you want , electronics & software to cars, clothes, Target, Sony, Fannie May candies …you name it! If you can type it, we can find something that can save you some money. there are plenty of deal aggregator sites,. As this is based on links being shared, there is an element of trust in the results. You can click right next to a result to claim that coupon code.