Million  of people using twitter but most of don’t know abut the hidden tips and the apps of twitters. as the previous article of the twitters->Twitter tricks and tips you must know – part1. This article is the continuation of the past article.

The Hashtag

Hashtags  used to be a way to categorize and search content on Twitter. They still serve this purpose,There is no  need to use hashtags in the advanced twitter search to search  for that specific content. Many twitters  use them now as a way to make a final point or build community. just use  two hashtags max, per Tweet.

Embedded Tweets.

It is tougher task to copy the tweet in earlier days. but it very easy now by screen shots, you can easily embed it into your blog post.  just choose the tweet you want to tweet in yours,expand it and click on details and select the option “Embed this tweet” which appears in a new screen.

Customize Twitter Backgrounds




Everyone want to make their twitter home page more attractive than others with their favorite image in favorite theme. select background theme for your twitter’s profile, you have to go to gear icon>Settings> Design Menu>change twitter there are only 19 themes. but there ia the another way that most of us don’t know to  customize backgrounds  more than current 19 themes. visit  select your desired theme and download it. then upload it in your twitter account. In this way, you can set your own custom twitter background. there is the another website to create your own custom theme, just  sign in your twitter account then set your favorite theme in twitter.

Post images from Flickr



ssa app is the picture application connect between twitter and can easily   share your photos directly uploads in Flickr back to Twitter.Though there are plenty of photo sharing services available through Twitter, such as twitpic or Yfrog, Flick to Twitt offers a simple one-click process to tweet your Flickr uploads instantly. You don’t need to create a separate profile.


 How to identify   unfollowers in twitter

It is important to notify the followers in twitter account, sometimes page rank will seems decrease, we have to notify the reason behind that, sometimes followers will untweet you, to identify them, visit sign in by your twitter account. then the information will send to your  your email-id


Twitter for Android and iPhone






Now you can use a twiiter in android and iPhone  by Tweetcaster . This app allows you to create multiple Twitter accounts that can be  able to managed with the same screen, this apps help for the most of the bloggers  and studentsto access multiple can easily iteragate the  complementary services such as shortening urls, sharing photos and videos. , Android version appears much better than iPhone