It is very steps to  the like box or the Facebook Fan Box is the in your blog. Facebook Fan Box    is a great plugin that allows blog visitors to subscribe to your blog updates via their Facebook accounts, without leaving your blog.  Every blog  has their social following on Facebook which shows their authority and people interest in them.

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To get direct follower to Facebook fan page, Facebook like box is the best optionIt will help to increase the traffic in your blog. and also it  increase like for your fan page.The visitors will press the like button before entering into your blog,After they subscribe ,visitors will   automatically receive your most recent blog updates on their Facebook page.Before Before creating a fan box you must  have a facebook fan page.

  Steps to add the Facebook Fan Box is the in your blog

There are few  simple steps to follow the add the facebook widget in the blogger’s page.

  • Find out your Facebook fan page URL by visiting your Facebook fan page and copy the url in the address bar, you can see how your url should look like in my screenshot:
  • Replace technoup2datecom with your facebook page name.
  • Replace the link in Facebook page URL option ( your Facebook page link( leave all the fields blank for default width, height & color scheme



  • Paste URL into the Facebook Page URL field :There are 4 more option available to choose.

1) Show Friends’ faces: To show the face of people who liked your Facebook page.

2) Show Header: To show you header of your Facebook page.

3) Show Posts: To l show posts of your blog.

4) Show Border: Tol create a border around the widget.

  • Choose the options What you need in your page  otherwise select the option as shown in following snapshot.
  • Once you are clicked the option of the   Like Box, click on the “Get Code” button.
  • It will show the two codes with title of HTML 5, XFBML and IFRAME option.
  • Click on get code and choose Iframe from the available options.
  • Just copy the iframe code and place the code wherever you want the plugin to appear on your blogger page.




  •  From the pop-up window, scroll down and select HTML/JavaScript 
  • Paste the code in the empty HTML box.
  • Then click the ENTER .Now the  Facebook Like Box Widget is successfully added to your blog.