In this article i’m going to discuss about how to know the administrator password through the guest account. it will help you to reset the password if you forgot the admin password .Or it will helpful for the hacking purpose too.. It works on all windows XP , Window 7/8.Follow these steps carefully. Recommended article =>Password Protect Folder Without Using Any Software .


Method 1.


  • Go to C:/windows/system32.
  •  Copy cmd.exe and paste it on desktop.
  • Rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe.
  •  Copy the new sethc.exe to system 32,when windows asks for overwriting the file,then click yes.
  •  Now Log out from your guest account and at the user select window,press shift key 5 times.
  •  Instead of Sticky Key confirmation dialog,command prompt with full administrator privileges will open.
  •  Now type “ NET USER ADMINISTRATOR “X” where “x” can be any password you like and press enter.
  •  You will see “ The Command completed successfully” and then exit the command prompt and login into administrator with your new password.
  • Now You have hacked admin through guest account.

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This  steps will works even at the logon screen. Press shift key 5 times and the sticky key dialog shows up But If we replace the sethc.exe which denote the  sticky key dialog,with cmd.exe, and then call sethc.exe by pressing shift key 5 times at logon screen,we will get a command prompt with administrator privilages because no user has logged on. From there we can hack the administrator password,even from a guest account.

Method 2

The second  method to hack admin password  through the other account without knowing it. It is possible to change Admin password both in Win XP and Vista without knowing it. If you some how manage to login as an Administrator then you can change the password without knowing it.

  •  Firstly log into the Guest Account of your system.Right-click on the “My Computer” icon on the desktop OR in the Start Menu.
  •  Select the option “Manage”
  • On the left sidebar the “Computer Management (Local)
  •  Double click “Local Users and Groups” option From “System Tools” tree.
  • Click the “Users” option.
  •  Now you will see the list of users on the right side pane, such as Administrator, Guest etc.
  •  Right click the “Administrator” and select the option “Set Password” option.
  •  Now you will see a warning message, Click on proceed
  • Now the system asks you for “New Password” and “Confirm Password”
  • After entering the password click on “OK”. Now now restart your system and log into the Admin account using the password you Set..