You can able to open the multiple sites in single click. Now it is possible by the simple java script and the notepad tricks.

You better try these code in the Firefox addon.Try Snap Links Plus instead.
Snap Links allows users to easily open multiple links in new tabs by drawing a box around them.The main goal of the extension is to allow easy and fast opening of multiple results presented by search engine.There is visual aid to show which links are currently selected. The extension attempts to be simple, fast and intuitive

Method1- By java script

Go to New Post–Edit Html –and Paste the Html code

1)First let’s look at an HTML code for a regular anchor tag <a>:

<a href=”FIRST URL” target=”_blank”>Link text</a> 

2)When clicked, this code will open FIRST URL in a new window. To add another link, just add the code below before “>” in the opening tag: 

onclick=”;SECOND URL&quot;);”

3)So if you were to open three links, your anchor will look like this:It will open SECOND URL in a second new window. To add more links, simply add more; before the closing quotation mark.  

<a href=”FIRST URL” target=”_blank” 
onclick=”;&quot;SECOND URL&quot;&quot;);;&quot;THIRD URL&quot;&quot;);”>Link text</a> 


4)This is an example of an anchor that opens three links (in three windows) in a single click:

<a href=”” target=”_blank” 

This anchor opens three links in a single click</a>   

Now see the code in action, click on it and see what happens
This steps are very simple and handy can work out for anyone .

Method2- notepad


There is the another simple option to open the  multiple link in single click. You have to  follow the simple and easy  steps below :

1) Open notepad and copy this code into it.

@echo off

2) Now save this notepad file as multiplewebsites.bat

3) Then open your saved file and it will open three websites in a single click.

4) If you want to add more sites, then write start website name into code.

I tried these tricks . it is very useful for me,better than the navigation Tab when we used to click the multiple tab in the single click.