We always spend most of our time in chatting with our friends in Facebook.Facebook is the common link to connect all our friends from collegues, college friends, school friends, neighbours, relatives in the common chat room. It create the bondage between all of us.If We conduct any parties or the get together , We used to send cards or letters or the mails in the past but Now we have lot of friends (More than 1000 friends) It is not possible to invite in the traditional ways.It is very hard to invite all .It takes lot of time to invite each and everyone manually.But Facebook give the solution to all those problems.Nowadays we  commonly using the facebook to invite our friends  to save  our time.

There are very simple steps to follow to invite Friends on Facebook  with just One Click. It is possible by the java script. JavaScript is very simple  and it mainly used for manipulate web pages using codes. Before you use tehse code, We have to note which browser you are using. For the better option use Facebook in the Google Chrome or Firefox.Because these browsers has updated the current version and they support almost every new JavaScript functions .So we can easily solve this problem.

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Steps to select all Friends in Facebook :

  • Open Facebook in the Google Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Now open the Facebook page or any event , where you want to invite all your friends .
  • For Facebook page  click see all where all your friends list appears .
  • If you are using Facebook in Google Chrome press CTRL+SHIFT+J If you are using Facebook in Firefox CTRL+SHIFT+K 
  • A pop-up or windows appears in bottom or top of the browser(mostly at the bottom) with a command line in it .
  • Now click here to get code , copy and paste the code in the command line .
  • A screenshot how command line and window appears after pasting the above script .




  • Then press  Enter and wait for few seconds it will take time to check all your friend list.
  • Now click on Invites and the invitation will be sent successfully to all your friends .

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