Now youths are spending time with the mobile always. they always send text message to their friends ,colleagues, family members and their mates. Now the message rate is increased., If you have not enough message credit in your mobile ,There is the another alternative way to send txt message to your friends rather than searching for the phone booth or the other mobiles.  Gmail is not just for sending and receiving emails,You can able to send text message from gmail itself.

You will find that various  sites will offering service to send text message in the free of cost, you don’t  need to visit those websites, spending time in registering on those website,Only drawback of these websites is that they always include some irritating promotional links in your messages. You can be sure that your private contact numbers will not be shared with third parties there is a chance to share with advertising agencies like most of the other websites do. You send message from Gmail itself. Gmail has such features free sms chat service .

If you stay online regularly and you have a Gmail account.You can able to send the  text message to any mobile with free of cost , it elimination of unwanted links in the messages and privacy control.that’s why everyone love to use gmail.There are only few steps to follow to send the text message via Gmail.All you need is the one Gmail account. Gmail is now available in all mobile networks.  you can easily stay on your computer and as many free SMS as you want to  and friends.

Enable SMS Sending in Gmail’s Google Chat


  • Open your Gmail account, (If you don’t have a account, create it and Login to your account
  • After logging in, click on the gear icon (top right corner) and select settings





  • In Settings , select on Labs tab





  • Now scroll and until you see “SMS (text messaging) in Chat”
  • . Use Ctrl+F to enable search and then type SMS (text messaging) in Chat.Once you find it, click on “Enable“(refer below image)
  • Now scroll down and click on Save Changes to save the setting.


That’s it! You have successfully enabled SMS sending in Google Chat. Next step is to see how to send SMS using Gmail.

Send SMS from Gmail

  • If you have already contacted to your friend from gmail before then you need to open a chat window to that person and you will also see the list of that contacted friends below the search box. Simply click on that name of your friend to open chat window for that friend.
  • After opening the chat window, click on ” More ” then click on ” Send Text ( SMS ) ” to save the mobile number of your friend in order to send free text message to that friend using gmail.If not, click on small down arrow icon at the bottom and select Send SMS, here you have to enter the contact number of your friend
  • Now type your message and hit enter to send it.
  • YOU ARE DONE ! You have successfully sent a text message from Gmail. Now the only thing you left to know is how to get more credit points.


Important tips

  • You can send  free SMS to any country you want
  • You get 50 credits for free for each SMS .For each  SMS, your credit count goes down by one.
  • Every time you receive an SMS in chat (for example when someone replies to your text message) you get five credits.
  • The maximum number of credits is 50 point.
  • If your credits reach zero, you’ll get an additional credit (+1) after 24 hours.If you reply to your own SMS  also, you will  get five extra credits anytime.
  •  If you have only one credit left, send a text message to yourself and reply to it using your phone and you’ll have five credits in any  time.
  • You cannot buy additional credits, but you can always follow the previous tip to increase your credits free of cost.

Some other things you can do with Google Chat:

  • To Block all MS from Gmail, Simple send STOP
  • To unblock any contact send START
  • To Block a specific contact send Block.
  • To  unblock any specific contact send Unblock