Google is not only for collecting the tons of informations, you can spend time with more funs Google is always been the best plece in the search engine .We always spending our most of our time in the google search. Because it is more faster than other search engines, more reliable less loading time, and importantly no advertisements.So we always prefer Google search than other search engines.There are many amazing results and doodles which are so popular and many of us are interested in Google.

You can surprise your friends with cool trick and prank with them,You don’t need to type the hard Java or the notepad codes Just by typing the single word and exited with the amazing tricks ,(otherwise i will give the connection link , YOU can able to connect directly to those funny tricks) Here in this article i am going to share few the tricks with you,Spread these with your friends and enjoy your favorite time more exiting.


1.Google gravity 

Go to then type “google gravity”click on i’m feeling lucky. hold all the elements by mouse and throw or search anything on the broken search bar. Wow!!!!! Enjoy the trick.

2.Google Mirror


Go to thenType “elgooG”in the search bar.Click on I’m feeling Lucky

Now type anything on the mirror search bar. Your type will be a mirror image.

3.Google Sphere:


Go to, ThenType “google sphere”in the search bar.Click on I’m feeling Lucky

Search for google sphere you see a sphere of google including other links revolving around.

4.Google Space:


Go to,Then Type “google space”in the search bar.Click on I’m feeling Lucky

Search for Google Space to see google floating in space. This is opposite to Google gravity where google falls there and flies here

5. Epic Google:

Go to google.comThenType “Epic Google”.Click on I’m feeling Lucky

When you search for Epic Google you find the logo increasing slowl

6.Do a barrel roll:

Go to,Type “ Do a barrel roll” in google the results page and Click on I’m feeling Lucky. It is amazing to see the page rotating  by 180 degree

7.Annoying Google

Go to
Type “Annoying Google”
Click on I’m feeling Lucky
by this trick Some words will change into small letter and some into capital letters in your search box.Google will annoys when you type any word in the search bar. Google will capitalized and decapitalized the letters.

8. Zerg Rush:


Zergs are the characters in the popular Staff Craft which are advanced aliens whose attacks species in the galaxies. When you search for Zerg Rush in google a number of 0’s fall and start destroying the page you should click on them to kill them .Finally they form big GG then the game ends.You can also share your score on G+

9.Google Goglogo:

Replace google with your own name.With this you can create your own search engine name similar to google and can be used as home page if you like it. loco

Go to,Then Type “google loco” in the google search bar .click on I’m feeling are watching a colourful Google loco page.



A part from searching google also mathematical calculations  and even plot for the code below and you will be amazed with the result you see.You will find a heart shaped graph plotted

The code to be searched:

(sqrt(cos(x))*cos(400*x)+sqrt (abs(x))-0.4)*(4-x*x)^0.1 



Go to you search for recursion, you find google asking you again “did you mean recursion

Funny Google Tricks,

funny google search tricks