Every bloggers is wanted to get quality backlinks to increase traffic to your website that leads to the improvement of the page rank. In the Backlinking quality of the blog is important than than the quantity.,We have to concentrate on the way to build the backlink  instead of getting a number of bad links.Search Engines give more importance to sites which have high quality backlinks than sites with low quality backlinks. This article help you for the new niche How to build quality backlinks for your website


Google  will also encourage  to get  backlink to their blog by forums, comments, and guest blog posts  The first stage to build backlinks.Wherever you go online the content comes across as the driving force behind everything. Even when you are trying to create quality backlinks content has become the key factor.Quality of your content as well as the quality of your backlinks.

If you want to get quality backlinks then you need to put some time and effort into it.  Here are the few tips that helps you in getting high quality and best baclinks for your blog.

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 Blog Commenting 

Blog commenting is the best way to get the backlink for the website.You have to spend your time and effort  on commenting on other’s blogs to get the quality backlinking. adding  blog commenting in your blogging not only in the backlinking, , It will help you in increase in traffic and   will expose our blog  among the people and build the connectivity among the other bloggers . Don’t allow the backlinking as the spam.Comment daily , Leave at least 10 comments daily on high ranked blogs.You must know what is the difference between the nofollow and the dofollow blogs, don’t waste time in nofollow blogs.
In this article You will find the way to find the  CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs  for the search engine=>
Read this article , select the better blog in your favorite topic and leave the comment daily.
When you comment on those blogs then below every comment your recent posted post will be shown with title as anchor text.  That means you can get two backlinks from single comment. It will help you to generate high quality dofollow backlinks and your Page Rank will increase.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is the another best way to build quality one-way backlinks to your website .Many popular websites accept visitor placing on their web site that not just direct you towards raising one way links but also assists you get high quality and authority backlinks  .This leads to the traffic to your website.
Although obtaining a visitor publish approved in good specialist websites is not an easy task.They won’t allow the duplicate content.Try to write the unique and teh best article for the blog you going to write for guest blog.you will be awarded with a very powerful dofollow and targeted backlink with anchor text of your choice.You have to contact the owner of the website (You will see the “Guest post” or “contact us from” in all blogs, contact them through this), Ask permission to write the guest blog. if they agree , submit the post and include one or two link between content or in the Author’s Bio section with your main keyword as anchor text. 
 It create link between both the website,if you write a great article then you can even get more people to link to it which means more authority for the most which in turns transfer to your website.

Directory Submission

iSubmitting the articel in the  directories will surely help in building back links . RSS Directories help people to explore different blogs and website on a particular topic. There are many  web site submission directories available like yahoo directory, technorati.com etc. You can use Fast RSS Submitter to submit your website to RSS directories automatically. Fast RSS Submitter will submit your RSS feeds to over 100 RSS directories automatically, . They save you time , ,more concentrate on content writing and other SEOs.

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Press Releases

Press release websites is also the best way to  high quality backlinks . if you written the well written content you have to get a press release written and get it distributed to various numerous small news and press sites. Then Depending upon the super high quality it will automatically choosen by the world’s popular magazines sites will provide quality backlinks to your site, Then your site will get good exposure, that leads to  traffic to your site.

Submitting press release to each individual site is not the easy way , you have to contact popular distribution service websites. PRWeb is most popular  and highly recommended by SEO experts.it is the best distribution service which help you in Submitting press .


Participating in forums can help to create back links for your web site and also increase your blog readership.You can make the most of Forum . Forums is a place you can you can get information, way about any topic, you can raise question ,discuss . Spend some valid time in forum and use signature as a link back to your site. There are many popular forum in internet, to find the best forum, Read this article=>fTop 20 High Pagerank Dofollow Forums 2014 To Increase Backlinks


 Social Bookmarking Websites 

social bookmarking/networking sites  is not only for the entertainment, they will assist you generate simple back-links for the web site.They allow you to add links to your website and other sites in your bio 

  You can use SocialMonkee.com for social bookmarking .Many social bookmarking and networking sites   like StumbleUpon, Twitting, Facebook or myspace, LinkedIn and Delicious have high pagerank and this will flow to your account with them, even though some of them are nofollow we still have some that are dofollow.

Yahoo Answers

Many people find their answer in the yahoo, It is the meeting place for many people to discuss their views. If you find any question which is relevant to any of your blogs then answer the question in brief and provide reference to your blog so that if they want to view full detailed answer then they will visit your blog.Backlink from Yahoo is Free Quality Back Links.

Like the forum, it is the opportunity to put your blog link in  common source column.If you want an active link then you have to reach on second level. Second level means 250 points. 2 points for each answer and 10 points for the best answer if voted by the person who asks the question.