How to Record Skype calls and Video Calls free software

Skype is the best free  video calling  app with others across the globe for free. We used to make the video chat with our friends and the loved one, to make the live conference through online , group chatting, conducting interview, teaching lessons and for the various purposes . In the important conference or if we want to record our important lessons in the skype , it is not possible in the skype.  by the default  it  won’t support for recording video calls. Skype has no built in  video call recording features. To record the conversation, you need to install a third party software or program.   But   here are lot of plugins available in the google search box.  By this plugins we ca able to recording Skype video calls.

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Unlike Skype, most video recorder plugins are not free to install . Also, before doing any sort of call recording, you should notify the other people who are on the call that you are recording it.  it will depend on the country , some countries won’t allow to record the skype videos, but be on the safe side and ask for permission first before you record a call with Skype.

The process is very simple just by the two buttons “start ” and”stop” to record the conversation . You can able to save the video in any convenient formats such as .mp4, .wmv, and .avi file and  to record audio calls or just the audio portion of Skype video calls in .mp3 or .wav format.

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Here is a short list of software programs you can use to record Skype Calls.   these are simple and easy to use.


EasyVoipRecorder Recorder (Windows)

Hot Recorder (Windows)

ecamm Call Recorder (Mac OS X)

It will high-quality, HD recordings. you record in picture-in-picture or split-screen modes. You can Easily convert your calls into MP3 files for podcasting or internet-ready movies for YouTube and Vimeo.The program saves recorded video files as QuickTime movies, which you can also convert to MP3 audio files in the application. Ecamm Call Recorder costs $29.95 after a seven-day free trial period

  • Share Recordings in MP3 Format
  • Designed for Mac Users by Mac Users
  • Advanced Compression Technology Saves Space

vodBurner (Windows and Mac)

vodBurner lets your record and edit your Skype video calls, which makes it a good tool for creating and distributing video podcasts.
  • The program saves videos as MP4 or WMV files suitable for sharing with others.
  • Record each party in the video call to separate files for greater control over mixing.
  • After recording a Skype call, you can use VodBurner’s editing tools to trim the video,split-screen (side by side) as well as add text captions, pictures, background music, and external video.
  • You can upload your recorded video call to YouTube directly from the application. After a 14-day free trial, VodBurner costs $100.

Pamela  (Windows)

 It has  four versions: a free Basic version that gives you five minutes of video recording. The next three tiers all give you unlimited video recording for a price: Call Recorder ($20), Professional ($33), and Business ($53). Along with unlimited video recording, the pay versions provide extras such as conference call scheduling, voicemail management, and a podcasting feature that posts recordings directly to the Web. Pamela records Skype video calls in WMV. If you’d like to share the video recording widely, use RealPlayer’s free video converter to save it as a MP4 file.
  • Skype Video,call,chat Recording
  • Skype Call Transfer,Scheduler
  • Mono/Stereo recording option
  • Skype Conference Call manager and Blogging & Podcasting
  • Create cool mood messages and Play sounds during calls.

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Free Video Call Recorder (Windows)

It is the product from DVDVideoSoft.

  1. Record all sides (picture-in-picture)
  2. Record other side only
  3. .

Skype will automatically launch as soon as you start the recorder, and after choosing your setting, you can start your conversation and hit record button.

  • low processor (CPU) requirements;
  • ‘pause recording’ feature;
  •  no extra libraries are needed to use the program;
  •  live broadcast recording (without re-encoding).


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