Social medias like the Facebook and the twitter is the best marketing tool to promote your business. It is the beat way to get more customers in your facebook page to promote your products and services, you can able to stay in touch with the customers , interrogate with them to get more ideas  and the experience to the new product, to increase your sales, and marketing more products. Every like button in the Facebook  page leads to the improvement in your business. In this article i find the few way to increase the fans in your Facebook page . If you have no facebook page create it now, it is the best marketing tool to increase your business

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Embed a Facebook Fan Box on Your Blog/Website

It is the best way   to increase the number of Fans for your Facebook page. There are many  Facebook Social Plugins  available in this  website whose code can be copied from there and easily inserted in your Website/Blog.. This allows visitors to your website or blog to easily “like” your page on Facebook. It’s easy to get the code and insert it in just a few minutes.

You can choose to show the stream of your Facebook page in that Fan box, or just show the ‘LIKE’ button and a few of the fans, The Live Stream widget allows Facebook users to add their comments to a live event and also will encourage them to click the ‘LIKE’ button. and my option is Live Stream widget.

 Invite your email contacts-subscribers like your page

Use the Admin Panel of your Facebook Page and click ‘Build Audience’ and then ‘Invite Friends’. Friends can  invitation to your subscribers via email  and also your friends  by each admin and are supported by contacts in Facebook.Be sure to have the Facebook logo/badge appear in your HTML newsletters.
Instead of the usual “Join our Fan Page,” say something creative like “Write on our Facebook wall,” or “Join our Facebook community,” or “Come add your photo to our Facebook group”.

Connect to Other Social Networking Sites

it’s important to include other social networking sites like Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram  to market your facebook page. If you are working on other social networking sites as well, connect Facebook to those social networking sites to increase your number of fans.
This allows you to convert followers on other sites to fans on Facebook.You can edit what gets posted, choosing from Status Updates, Photos, Links, Notes and Events. Facebook can be connected easily to Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites. It’s even possible to post on Facebook and have those posts go out on Twitter.
If you’re working on your Pinterest marketing campaign, connecting accounts allows you to post Pinterest activity right to your Facebook account as well. The user then accomplishes the task such as adding a image to Instagram with a certain hashtag or using a integrated pin tool to pin a image to Pinterest.

Load Videos and Embed on Your Site

Facebook’s Video feature is fine way to increase the traffic to your page . You can load video content to your Facebook fan page, then take the source code and embed on your blog/website. There is a “Become a Fan” button right in the video itself.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads have similarities to Adwords  where they are more target ads based on the user’s interests. You should learn more about it as an advertising tool. Keep in mind that Facebook is a network that is driven by images.  pictures used on these campaigns will affect your (CTR) Click Through Rate.

Use applications

There are many Free or paid applications available in the  online marketing tools to increase the facebook page audience. . There are literally thousands of applications that can help you improve your visibility. coupons By offering the deals and the coupons, you can keep your fans stay permanent in your site and they will suggest to their friends about the better offer and the deals. Mainly this task will helpful to the company too.

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Run a contest.

social media contests are best option  to gain visibility in social media  websites and increase fans  .  it depend on the “skill-based promotion”. the contests typically involve voting by the public, or judging by a select group in order to determine the winner. and also conduct the photo contest Often organizing them involves lower costs than using paid ads.