When we are in outside and you remember that  you forgot to shutdown the computer and you can’t able  to go home back. There is the chances to hack or collect your details or the files without your permission. you don’t know what to do in that situation.   It  is common, it may happen to everyone.   But don’t worry there is the simple way to   shut down your computer by cell phone.   May be it is not a direct way to remotely shut down a windows PC. But it is the easiest way than other ways to remotely shutdown a PC from anywhere.   All you need is an phone or a computer with an internet connection.

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   Airytec Switch Off  is the Lightweight software where you automatically  or remotely shutdown or switch off your PC or your laptop through any mobile or the computer.  It will work on  all windows operating systems like windows 7/ 8/xp.   It requires  low system resource requirements.   User needs less time for program to download and less space to store it.  This software is easy to install.   Silent install option for batch installing will be a big plus.  The program does not need any additional framework or libraries to run and works perfectly even if your windows account is logged off .


,how to shutdown the computer using mobile phones

Steps to remotely shutdown your PC using a Phone or other computer.


  • Download and install the latest  version of  Airytec switch off  on your PC.
  •  After the program is installed, Expand the windows notification bar at the right end of the window and double click on the programs logo mentioned below.



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  •  From the select schedule drop down menu, select a     schedule and fix a time period for the executing the action.



  • After that check the “ force applications to close “ , “ warn me before executing the action “ and “ run whether users are logged on or not “ options .
  •  Then click the windows notifications area, right click on the     programs logo and select options mentioned below





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  • Select the remote tab and click on “ edit web interface settings” .  
  • Next check “ Enable web interface “ , do not check the ” enable authentication ” option and click on apply .
  • Change the port number and the password.
  • Click on ” view / update static addresses ” and note down the switch off URL.
  •  Next double click on the program’s icon in the windows notifications and click on “ Enable Task ” .
  •  Now the program is all set.  just open the IP address that your bookmarked on your phone and http://localhost:8000 and save  in your phone’s browser . Important note is if you  have to want to change the port number while enabling the web interface , just replace” 8000″ with your port number.
  • Tap on shutdown and the program will initiate the shutdown countdown on your PC .

important note:When you connecting the mobile to your  mobile or other computer, you must change the local host to your external IP address i.e

  • Now you are finished , now you can shut down your computer from anywhere by your mobile or other system  by just a single click . This is the most easiest method and it doesn’t even require you to install any other app on your Android or iOS phone