We  often find yourself  closing a tab prematurely and realizing that we actually needed to see that page again. Oops!!!! This situation will happens to all whenever we switch different tabs in the browser,when we cross the “x” button we accidentally click it  For that result , we have to face the reopen all the complete browsers again.Sometime we cant take that risk too. We started to fear that all those important things are completely lost.
These cases are mainly occur for the google chrome users, because unlike the other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explore never included the tab overflow features yet .Don’t worry there are few simple solution to overcome this situation. you can easily retrieve the  closed tab  in google chrome.
There are four  methods to open recently closed tabs in Google Chrome.

Method 1:

You could restore  an accidentally closed tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T or right-clicking on the tab bar and clicking “Reopen closed tab”.it even remembers the navigation history within the tab so that I can use the back button to get to previously visited sites within that tab session. This shortcut also works in Firefox. i mostly used this option to open the closed tab, it is the easiest step to go back to the previous tab.

Method 2:


 If the previous option can’t work out. don’t wait. just click the triple tab  icon  in the right side of the google chrome  setting, choose the recently closed tabs and open the tab which you  had closed accidentally.


Method 3.

We normally use the history option to view the past history file to open which is inbuilt feature of the browser. Press Ctrl+H or type chrome://history/in chrome’s address bar to access Chrome history and it will display you all the tabs you opened previously.

 method 4 :Recovery Mode

Chrome simply loses the previous session and tabs and the reopen-tab function just won’t work.If all the previous can’t work out, try putting Chrome in recovery mode:

  • Close Chrome
  • Copy the backup of the four files back to your User Data directoryOpen the Local State file in a text-editor (it is in the parent folder of User Data)Locate the exited_cleanly entry
    1. Current Session
    2. Current Tabs
    3. Last Session
    4. Last Tabs
  • Change it to false
  • Save and exit
  • Run Chrome

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Now it should display the “Chrome didn’t shut down correctly” notice bar. Click the [Restore] button, and hopefully it will restore your session. This should work even if you have opened new tabs before clicking the button.

Data-Loss Prevention

  If  you closed the tab or the window unfortunately, There is no solution to feel after the data is completely lost, we have to take measures sometimes you can’t able to stop the data loss. We have to prevent it befor it occur, there is no inbuilt option  to prevent this situation in the Google chrome. But there is some option in the Google chrome extension . Just go through the extension and try one of this extension  which is comfortable for you . apart from preventing the data loss, they help you in few more process too.