Blogging seems to be the easy money making way.  We can easily start our profession as the blogging, But it was hard to become successful, We can’t able to become a successful blogger in overnight.  You can able to make 1000 dollar in over night. You must need the   dedication and patience to become exposure in the blog.   People who got success in the internet  are all tried this keypoint only.  We have to put more effort By keep updating  our blog regularly, and need to word more on SEO, do more research, have to work for the long time daily.


Keys-to-Success-500x241Don’t lose hope!!!   You will become successful one day.  here in this article i have  few tips to maintain our blog and to promote our blog.   among the millions of the blog in the internet, it will hard to become the successful blogger.  These tips help you motivate to become a successful blogger.

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Expert in content:

    The good blog is depended on the quality content.  you must be clear on what content you are going to write.  For the extra ideas , just  install Google Analytics and research. It will give more ideas about what people will like.  Don’t feel less. You must study yourself , in which topic you are expert in. Know your strength, try to focus on the topic more,that will surely leads to the success.

Try to be open. don’t just do copy and paste.  be the original creator of your content.  And at the same time don’t other to copy your content,  it will affect your website reputation too.  Keep your blog protected  with Copyscape or tynt.  Do more research on topic before you start writing and importantly focus on the keyword, Take the help from Google Keyword planner , if you feels the keyword search tool is costly try the better Alternatives to Google’s Keyword Research Tool.

Apart from writing the content marketing the content is the next important part in the blog.  Social media is teh best way to market the webpage. Marketing your blog is essential if you want to attract new readers.


Do more research:Concentrate on the title:


Title is the gateway to make the visitors enter into your blog.  Even yoou are writing the good quality content, and you are not focused on the title- put the bad normal title, The viewers will misjudge your blog, they can’t know the value of your content.  Your title needs to be unique, catchy and captivating.

Concentrate while putting the title.  Don’t copy the title from the others, Try to be unique from the others will attract more viewers.

However, even with a fabulous title, if the post is inadequate, no one will be compelled to comment or share.  And comments and sharing is what spreads your message far and wide.

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Update frequently:


You don’t need to publish daily, but keep on updating regularly. don’t lose your writing skill.  Keep in touch with writing always. Take the complete note on everything , your ideas. If you stop posting , You will lose your page rank and traffic to your website. i Know many bloggers, they   failed in the blog due to this reason.  Don’t repeat what everyone else is saying. Push yourself to find greatness with your writing and then push yourself even more.

The important part of the  blogging is Keep updating regularly, That only leads your blog to be successful.



Be communicator:


Try to become member of a community.  Try to expose your blog.  communicate with the people.   Discuss a lot, that will gives ideas to your blog.

After writing great content for a short time, people will begin to know you for helpful content and your community will naturally form by them coming back for more.


Don’t Be Afraid:


Attach Your Blog URL to Your Email Signature:


Many successful blogger use this way as the  medium. Send more mails to teh subscribers, Try to read this post.this technique will surely work.  Imagine how many mails you send and forward every day and think about the possibilities and the results it would yield.


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Be an Active Commenter:


Try to write your views and the ideas on the other post.  Read more article you like, what you are interested in.  It will take less time only.  As a blogger, you should also make it a responsibility in replying to every comment on your blog. The best way to engage your readers is by replying their comments.  you must be bold to tell your view openly. Try to do more activity in the blog.


Be a guest blogger:


The best idea to improve your blog is by writing the Guest Blog in the others blog.  Being teh newbie it helps you to improve traffic to your website. Introduce yourself as the  guest blogger, Read many different Ebooks that teaches the importance of guest blogging and try  to write the new content.

Being the guest blogger there are many pros there, you can able to communicate with the people,  website or the blog owners, you will get backlinking also, leads to get more traffic,gain subscribers and gain exposure


Take inspiration:


 Decide on your goals for the blog.  Decide what you are become? as the full time blogger or as the part time blogger.  Discuss with the top blogger who set their blog as the  full time.  Get more ideas about the SEO, how to write content, how to become successful, Don’t hesistate. Be open.  Read about them.  Take them as the inspiration And at the same time  Don’t compare them. Their hardwork, dedication and the patience only take them to the top.