There are millions of blogs in the internet world. As the blogger, you have the responsibility  to comment in the quality article.Commenting in the blog is the effective way to get the dofollow backlinks instantly, It will increase the traffic to your website and  it will leads to increase in the page rank also.Getting dofollow backlinks is not an easy job .There is a lot of ways that we can use and build dofollow backlinks . But commenting in the blog is the easiest way to get the  backlinks.
comment Luv
 Many new bloggers  tried to looking  for many sites for KeywordLuv and CommentLuv enabled blogs to insert desired links to increase number of quality backlinks.So in order to get a huge amount of traffic you should build quality links which are pointing towards your blog..There is the tool in the internet which makes your work simpler. This tool will help you to  to search  the best dofollow link blogs easily in just few seconds. where you can leave comments to gain backlinks. Let’s discuss about that online tool and take a look how to use it.
To check whether links from a blog is dofollow or not there are two tools you can add to your browser to do so.

Find CommentLuv/ KeywordLuv Enabled Blogs:

We could find do follow commentluv enabled blogs with the help of two online tools.

These two tools are
Both the tool has same Working principles. choose the best tool among this to finding commentluv/keywordluv enabled become very easier to finds dofollow enable comment sites not in minutes but in a seconds.

PutMyLink is the  free  online tool  will get all the dofollow commentluv blogs on search search pages with instant of time which was not possible as compared to manually methods Look at the screenshot of this online too.

DropMyLinks is another best online tool which give the opportunity to find all the dofollow commentluv and keywordluv blogs for commenting.You just need to put your desired keyword in search box and it will show you a list of dofollow blogs in Google search results.

If you don’t know a method to using this tool then just follow below steps and learn how you can search dofollow blogs that related to your blog niche.

  • Now you will see two options first is for Keyword and second one is Find where you select which type of blogs you want to search.e.g if am using this tool then my keyword would be blogging tips, blogging and SEO tips like that.


  • Choose the needed one ( commentluv / keywordluv ) from the drop down menu and press search button
  • Now click on Search button that will open a Google search page in new tab like below.


  • You can notice Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the above image in each result. That means those blogs are KeywordLuv Enabled.

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  • Open those blogs and start commenting.
  • You can find CommentLuv enabled blogs using same method.

Use blog commenting in daily basis. It will not only give you backlinks for your blog but your blog traffic will also increase and you will be successful to build a strong readership on your blog.

Imp note: Never try to misuse this method. Misusing this method may lead to penalization of your blog by mighty G.