Technology is growing up vast nowadays , and at the same time scams are increasing in the other side ,Many of us will  consider only the price and the storage capacity of the storage device, will fell for the cheaper rate in the local markets , while using those device only it will shows error. Then our money will get waste. While  purchasing the memory card or the pen drive or any storage devices you have to note few thing before purchase . This situation may happens for everyone.

pendrive and memory card

Many of my friends will suffered by this issue. They will buy the pendrive or the memory card in affordable rate with excellent quality or with the pretty appearance or in mini size . they are attracted to those hazards ,after they bought it cant able to able to write the file more than 1 GB, it is totally waste. Better you avoid buying the pendrive in the cheaper rate in the local market. Here in this article i’m going to discuss about the few steps to check your pen drive  and Memory Card original or fake

If your pendrive or the memory is not working , just try this simple method analyzing your pen drive or memory card’s originality and testifying that if it is giving you exact results or not

check your pen drive  and Memory Card original or fake :

  • You can check Pen Drive or Memory Card is original or fake  by the simple  H2testw tool. H2testw can used for a scan Pen drive, hard disks (external and internal), memory cards or network volumes.
  • H2testw is a very simple tool it’s absolutely free available, this tool is a portable not require installation.  This tool can also give the details about the errors that can be found on their device with verifying process. You have to download file and
  •  Insert the Pen Drive or Memory Card you want to check,and run program for starting verify Pen Drive or Memory Card.
  •  Now extract the downloaded file and after extracting you will get a file in .exe format.
  •  Now double click on it and start this tool.
  • After clicking tool will be appear as shown in below screenshot.




  • now  you have to choose the English from top and then click on Select Target, now choose your Pen Drive or Memory Card (make sure its formatted before using this tool.)
  • Finally, make a click on Write + Verify button and wait for it to complete the checking process. It will take few minutes depending on pendrive size.
  • After it completed the checking process  it will show you message like complete without any errors, if you find no errors then your drive is good.
  • But if you find errors then your drive is fake or has some problems.

That’s it! I hope it will help you a lot and Share this tool with your  friends too and check whether their storage device is original or fake.