It is really amazing while  Surfing on Website/Blog in the google search engine, automatically start to play Music when webpage is loaded. You can choose the best theme to decorate your blog or your website. In additional to that you can add the background music to make your blog more prettier and attractive.  It is the most easiest step to add the  Background Sound and Music   behind the  Blog or  Websites .  You can upload the any desired music from the your media library or other online storage.

backgroundAll you have to do is just add small block of HTML code to your website.  You can use the best search engine to find the free background music files and host them on your hosting provider.   if you use Free hosting like blogger you can use and other popular hosting websites to host your files.  When you host your files on Internet, add its source code between <head> tags in your site

You can use only .mid or .midi files (because they require a media player, you cannot use .mp3, .rm, or .ram files for background music and importantly he files are generally smaller and so load quickly). We recommend avoiding .mp3, .rm, or .ram, .wav files, which can be large and take a long time to play on slower connections.

If you have no favorite music that you are allow to use existing two music for your blog. Just enable the background music on Theme Extras.In this article  i’m going to discuss about  How to add music /sound  in Blog or Website background,You have to follow the few steps to add the music to your website

Add Background Music code to website:

First paste below HTML code in your <head> section of your website and make below changes.

<embed width=”200″src=”Music URL.midautostart=”true” loop=”true” hidden=”true” height=”50″>

<bgsound src=” Music URL.mid” loop=”infinite”>

Replace Music URL.mid with your desired background song or  music URL  address.(E.g: )

The autostart  denotes that how to song file should be begun to the browser.If you have set it to “true” value,it will begin to play when web page loads. If its value is “false” to make sure the visitor has to press the play icon and visitor will have to start the media player to play the song.
The loop denote  informs in the browser that  how many times the song should be played.If you have set it to true, it will replay the song over and over time until visitor close the tab. When it is on “false” value,it will play once and stop.
height: if you set this to “40”, only the play options will be visible. You can make this larger if you prefer, in which case blank space will be visible.
Note:– you can use the above code for any web browsers such as all versions of IE,Google chrome,FireFox, Netscape and Opera .

Add Background Music code to Blogger:

1: Sign in to your Blogger account.
2: Go to Dashboard >> Template.
3: Now find </head> HTML tag in your blog template using CTRL + F shortcut keys.
4: Now paste below code just above of </head> code.

<bgsound src=”Audio file Link” loop=”-1″/>

Replace with “Audio file Link” your hosted audio file link.
5: Save your Template.

6: That ‘s it.
Whenever you Visit  the homepage of your blog or the website  , you can  able to listen your audio song automatically