Usually we shutdown the computer or the  laptop by continuous pressing or holding the power button to shut down your PC for few seconds, You can also able to shutdown the computer using pen drive. Just the notepad tricks you can use the same technique in the pendrive  to close the pc/ is possible by typing the batch file in the notepad. The system will turn off when you insert the pendrive to the pc or the laptop..Just surprise your friends with that simple trick.

You have to follow the simple steps to turn off your PC :

How To Shutdown turn off your PC Laptop using Pen Drive

Open the notepad,copy and  paste following codes in notepad.
@echo off
shutdown -s -t 00

used to indicate the timer value and 00 is indicating that system will shut down after 0 seconds.You change the timing in the desired seconds

Where you have to note these code symbols in the program

  • -s : shutdown.
  • -r : Restart.
  • -l : Logoff.
  • -t : Time(After how many seconds should PC turn off).
  • -a : aborting the shutdown of PC

Now click on “File” and then “Save” to save the file or just simply click the ctrl+S, save the file in shutdown.bat.(you must save in .bat extension file  indicating the batch file.

Now again open the notepad and copy the code given below :

Action=Mouse Disable

Save it as “autorun.inf”

Then copy the two files in your pen drive

You are finished .whenever  you insert his pen drive,the system will be turned off automatically.