In few websites we will  get annoyed of some pictures, mainly when we are surfing at the slow net speed and particularly in the long pages while surfing for the story or the content. They will add some exciting photos to attract visitors  for more page views.  We want to skip  that pictures , but we don’t know the way. Images on a particular website is either too heavy to load  or irrelevant or offensive to open on public computers etc. These pages occupies too much time to download  the whole text. Now you can able to block the images at  Google  Chrome. 

How to Block Image for A Particular Website:

block image in particular websites

      After blocking images for all the web pages, the main advantage and that is Chrome will increase your browsing speed. It will decrease the time when  a web page scan the  images. So when we disable images for all web pages, we can browse all types of websites in the fastest way possible.

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How to block all images:

Follow the simple procedures given below

For Google Chrome:

Open the page of the website where you want to block the images, Right click the button of the context menu and  select View Page Info then select  Permissions tab then uncheck Load Images button and choose Block.



Then exit out  and reload your page.

Now you can enjoy the page without the irrelevant images.