This kind of situation will happens to all that you will  mistakenly drop you mobile in the sink, pool, beach  or in your washroom, otherwise mainly in the rainy season in our everyday lives. This situation is happened to me too. My mobile is fully wet in the rain. i was shocked. At that moment i don’t know what to do next. That was my new apple iPhone. So i started to think what to do next!!!!??? and  how to fix it.??!!! here i will explain the few tips that how i kept safety  measures and  bringing it back to life of my smartphone.

Switch the phone off.

In that worried situation your hand will tempt to press the buttons. But don’t do that. pressing a button on your phone can let any residual moisture seep through, increasing your risk of damage.

I felt helpless phone from the rain and saw the screen dim like a fleeting life right before my eyes, the flash lit up like a firework and kept on blazing for the next hour or so as the last reserves of the battery drained.  the camera lens filled with more water bubbles tin the lens glass.

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 Remove the removable parts

The moment you find  that your phone is water damaged it’s time to act. Just  Remove every cover and detachable part you as possible as can. just remove the memory card, the SIM card, battery and back cover every thing of your mobile.Dry out the battery also If you see any moisture or water. If it is   a touch screen the front does not come away. if you fail to do,  you’ll be able to save some of the valuable information you had stored inside.

Dry your phone

Using toilet paper or a thin cloth some paper towels. Blot away any excess water you can see inside of the phone. Be sure to get as much as you can. Failing to do so will mean that all this water will start evaporating and collecting in hard to reach places in your phone.

Shake well

Then Gently shake the phone to dispel as much of it as you can, It might help you to remove the  water hiding in the headphone jack or beneath any physical keys.

 wet phone in the bowl of rice

can you fix a water damaged phone

you’ve gotten rid of all the water on the surface, it’s time to suck out the rest of the moisture you can’t see. You need to take the bowl of rice, then immerse your damaged phone in it. Leave it for around 24 hours to dry. Change the position or posture of the phone that placed in the rice every 4-6 hours for complete drying.

Silica Gel

how to fix water damaged phone screen

Otherwise You can also use Silica Gel instead of Rice. Fill the plastic bag with silica packets, and place your iPhone 5 in it, and leave it there 24-48 hours.

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Hair dryer

You must be careful If you choose this option to dry up your mobile. Keep your mobile at  distance as possible, and make sure to use the lowest possible heat setting. If you dry your phone with the high heat setting, you won’t fix the issue, you will destroy your device. Dry the device for several seconds, then make a pause, and repeat the action several times, but make sure that drying periods are very short–Mostly blow in the direction where headphone jack, charge input and speakers are.

Water Damage to android phones or tablets

I f you are using the android mobile in samsung , iPhone ,Smart Phones are equipped with LDIs (Liquid Damage Indicators) to tell If your device came in contact with Water or any liquid. Damage Indicator sticker on the battery is solid white or white with small x’s covered with red. If the sticker comes in contact with water, It turns to red, purple, or pink.

water damaged phone repair


If you buy WaterProof android phone like Sony Xperia Z or Samsung Galaxy S4 Active,You don’t need to worry about this situation. Another thing is to have insurance for your android phone that covers spills, drops, water damage.

you will want to leave the parts out to dry.  you may mess up your warranty or cause further damage. you must wait 72 hours before turning it back on.