Google play  plays the best part for the smartphone users  to downloading  many applications. Google play covers almost all the apps like gaming books, movies, battery saving, call management, photoshops, camera pixels, lock apps  and many interesting things. And at the same time now smartphone users  facing the facing an error on their Android devices while downloading or updating any app from the Google Play Store. . when they updating or downloading  any of the apps in the smartphone , the error message will appear in the screen display  like “Error retrieving information from server.[RPC:S-5:AEC-0]” 
you can see the image like

Sometimes it was hard to fix the solution for this error.Perhaps, if your Android phone or tablet is showing the same error, there is the simple method to fix the error, just follow the method given above

 Fix the Google Play Error [RPC:S-5:AEC-0]
Method 1
  •  First you need to delete the existing Google account and create the new account.
Not only for the android users, even the Nexus 4 users also get benefit by this simple solution. By deleting this account you can able to get the easy solution.
Important thing you have to note is If you’ve added more than one Google account, then you will have to remove all of them. You can remove by following the steps mentioned below.You can get the username if forgotten  from the accounts page
  • Firstly, Go to Settings –> Accounts –> Google
  • Tap on your Google account next to the sync button
  • Then open your Google account=>menu and select  the Remove option.
  • While choosing the remove option then a confirmation message  will be appear will appear in the screen so click on the option of “Remove Account”.
  • Then open the Google Play, accept the terms mentioned there and just select to add an Existing Account when it will ask.
  • Once you will add your Google account successfully,
  • you can easily update and install any type of apps as you did before .
  • Next sign into the Playstore and enjoy your download!
Method 2
If you don’t like to go with the method given above and you can try this if the above mentioned method doesn’t works for you.
  • Firstly, Remove your all existing Google account (refer the past method)
  •  Now Go to Settings –> Apps –> All
  • We have to Clear the “clear data and Clear cache” for the following 3 Android default  apps.

1. Download Manger

2. Google Play Store

3. Google Services Framework

To clear data for thus apps, follow the following instructions.

  • From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  • Tap Settings from the options.
  • Scroll to and tap  “Apps” under DEVICE.
  • Swipe 2 times to left to choose All tab.
  • Scroll to and choose Download Manager.
  • Tap Clear data & Cache button (Repeat this for Google Play Store and Google Services Framework )
  • Reboot the device.


Now, it’s time to Open Google Play and to add an existing account.