When we think about the video sharing, only one website comes to our mind, that is YouTube. embedding a YouTube video tutorial will help to explain  the complete tutorial to the visitors and also to grab the reader’s attention on your content. But  The biggest disadvantage is If you added that video to your website , there are more chances that the visitors are more attracted to the videos than the boring text  and they jumps to YouTube. Then you might lose your website visitors. That will automatically affect the traffic of your website. That’s why we have to remove the YouTube logo and title links from embedded video in your website. Here in this article i will explain that how to remove YouTube logo and title links from embedded video in your website .

Embedding YouTube videos in WordPress

just follow the simple steps given below to

  • Open the video  of YouTube video that you want to embed and display
  • click Share and if you  click on  Embed button to view the complete embed code.

  • Copy the iframe embed code displayed
  • then  paste it in to your site.
  •  remove rel=0 at the end of the YouTube URL  (next to question mark ?) and remove allow full screen before the closing angle brackets.

  •  Now paste the following code at the end of the YouTube URL after  to question mark ?.


After you have saved the changes and check the embedded video in your Website or Blog. You won’t see YouTube logo, Title links, full screen option and suggested videos at the end of the link.