Among many money making ways ,BuySellAds plays the best part in the   banner advertising company As i discussed in the previous article=> How to make money online with buysellads direct advertising network, to know more about the buy sell ads. More we go for the BSA is it pays more than the Google Adsense.  it will create the great income to the bloggers and the webmasters. It is really the hard process to get approval from the buysell ads, it is really not possible to get at least 50000 page views per month. you can’t able to get approval don’t worry  there are many best alternative way to the BuySellAds.You can also get  more money from the alternative ways.

In thos article i’m going to discuss about few top 5 alternatives to BuySellAds

Reason behind  Bloggers Look for Alternatives to BuySellAds

We must have the proper reason to go the alternative way of the  buysellads as the  leading online advertising networks, who pays more than the other adsense .The main reason is  the strict terms and conditions where it make the way too harder  to get an approved buysellads account.

Project Wonderful


Project wonderful is  first best alternatives to buysellads.Project Wonderful is a great buysellads alternative that allows live bidding. Live bidding means advertisers can bid on your ad spaces   per 30 day continuously and are allowed to sell your ad spaces for different bids for different locations to earn more money. They also approve subdomain sites like, etc.They took 25% commission from your ad sales.



Adsella is another buysellads like online advertising network which let you to  sell ad slot  for as many days as you want. Adsella will get the  20% from your earned money as their commission where is the better offer than than the other  direct advertising network. Adsella is growing rapidly and helping many publishers to earn mkney from direct advertisements.  Unlike buy sell ads you can get easily approved from adsella.

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PublicityClerks  is placing the   best place in the alternative way of  BuySellAds. You can set a price for ad spots for 30 days by your own. You can withdraw your earned by by paypal And  before apply for PublicityClerks,you can start with a range of $1 – $2 per 1,000 impressions. So if your site gets 100,000 impressions a month and you have a large header ad in a niche market you might try asking $100 – $200 for your ad spaceYour site must receive at least 600 impressions daily and in a unique domain (Not as .blogspot or .wordpress etc). mainly your blog or website in n English.


AdvertiseSpace is  the another  alternative to BSA to make more money from your blog or website.They also approve subdomain sites like, etc on advertise space. .They took 20% to 30% commission from your ad sales.You can earn 5% to 10% commission by referring other webmasters to sign up on advertise space for 30 days.  AdvertiseSpace pay weekly through PayPal.
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 AdEngage is an online advertising network  which made the partnership Technorati Media Group.that allows advertisers to buy ads.They provide 2 option  to make money as cost per click and cost per time basis.and publishers / website owners to sell space on their sites. with over 7,123,125,093 ads served last monthly  and Over 1.2 trillion  ads shown since 2004.

They took 25% commission from your ad sales.