Everyone want  to communicate more effectively in the workplace or interview or at college. All you need is the practice and patience you will be able to slowly eliminate most of the errors to speak and write better in English. Here in this article i will give you the tips and the  good strategies for improving grammar error.

Word Per Day

Read, read, and read

 Try to read books,newspapers, magazines, newsletters, novels, literary and scholarly works,  bill boards, wall posters, merchandising displays, ad blurbs, and  mailshots anything you in English.   read widely, and deeply. Underline the English words you don’t understand, make a list of them on the dairy .

Keep a dictionary

Note the synonyms of the word from the pocket dictionary or download the mini dictionary app in your mobile . Learn 10-15 words/day from dictionary. After  that you’ve reviewed those new words whenever you get the free time. Read the passages more than twice. Memorize the lines daily. Say certain words over and over again. Use that words while you speak with others .

You need to practice listening to English.  Watch a movie in English, or television programs, news broadcasts, talk shows, sitcoms, debates on hot issues, interviews with VIPs. Note the expressions of the words what they speak. Practical knowledge is more important in the daily life.

Identify your most common mistakes

Participate in conversations, dialogues, discussions, meetings, sales presentations or elevator pitches, web-casting, pod-casting, public speaking gigs, Make discussions with your friends and acquaintances  in any favorite topic you want like sports, entertainment, media, cooking etc. No matter what topic you discuss with. Speak loud and bolder. Speak directly in English with your friends rather than translating the words into your native tongue. So that others can understand your vocabulary of your language. Ask your friends to point out any mistakes that you do while you speak. Leaving the hesistation is the only point to speak English more fluently

Play interesting and useful games.

Whenever you get the spare time. Don’t waste . Turn your entertainment  and Invest in the useful way!!  Play games like crossword puzzles, anagrams, word jumble, Scrabble, and Boggle. This help you to learn the new fresh words for expanding your vocabulary and teaching you better grammar skills.

Write in English

 While you are chatting with friends in social media, don’t type in your native language.. Type in English . Write in blogs, forums, articles Or atleast dairy!!