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7 Best Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress To Keep Your Site Clean and Secure

SPAM Protection WordPress Plugins:      Spam comments is one of the big  problem for WordPress websites.anti-spam plugin is essential to filter spam from contact forms and comments sections Here in this article i will list out the SPAM Protection WordPress Plugins to protect the quality of the

How To Help You Stop Making Grammar Mistakes In English

Everyone want  to communicate more effectively in the workplace or interview or at college. All you need is the practice and patience you will be able to slowly eliminate most of the errors to speak and write better in English. Here in this article i will give

How To Increase Your Social Networking & Cultivate It

      Social networking websites are best platform to connect people globally. You can easily  interact with potential customers worldwide  and to know what people are talking about and gain exposure to your business and increase the sales. Social networking playing the important role behind the

How To Easily Fix The Google Play Error [RPC:S-5:AEC-0]

     Google play  plays the best part for the smartphone users  to downloading  many applications. Google play covers almost all the apps like gaming books, movies, battery saving, call management, photoshops, camera pixels, lock apps  and many interesting things. And at the same time now smartphone

How To Remove YouTube logo From Embedded Youtube Videos In Blogs

     When we think about the video sharing, only one website comes to our mind, that is YouTube. embedding a YouTube video tutorial will help to explain  the complete tutorial to the visitors and also to grab the reader’s attention on your content. But  The biggest

How To Change Permalinks URL Structure After Publishing Post

     After publishing the article, changing the URL is not the good idea, the URL that you have shared will be inaccessible. It will surely affect the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). after publishing your articles or the post the visitors will  commenting, sharing etc on it..

Top 5 High Paying Alternatives To BuySellAds

     Among many money making ways ,BuySellAds plays the best part in the   banner advertising company As i discussed in the previous article=> How to make money online with buysellads direct advertising network, to know more about the buy sell ads. More we go for the

How To Block Someone On Facebook and Whatsapp

How To Block Someone On Facebook and Whatsapp :      Nowadays Social media has become an integral part of our lives, We can’t live without it. Rather than being friendly and sharing valuable content, some of few are keep annoying us by repeating content, arguing with

Top 5 Selfie Apps For Smartphones

     In this modern life People are so crazy on taking selfies and  uploading in Social Medias like Facebook, Whats App, Instagram profiles there is a competition to upload the latest selfies and in order to do that you got to upload awesome selfies.  here in

How To Convert A Webpage To PDF File(no software need)

      Sometime we want to save the important content in the website . but it is not ok with the copy and save or with print screen button. but  there is the another simple handy technique in the Google chrome browser, you can able to