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How To Increase Your Social Networking & Cultivate It

      Social networking websites are best platform to connect people globally. You can easily  interact with potential customers worldwide  and to know what people are talking about and gain exposure to your business and increase the sales. Social networking playing the important role behind the

How To Change Permalinks URL Structure After Publishing Post

     After publishing the article, changing the URL is not the good idea, the URL that you have shared will be inaccessible. It will surely affect the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). after publishing your articles or the post the visitors will  commenting, sharing etc on it..

Top 5 High Paying Alternatives To BuySellAds

     Among many money making ways ,BuySellAds plays the best part in the   banner advertising company As i discussed in the previous article=> How to make money online with buysellads direct advertising network, to know more about the buy sell ads. More we go for the

How To Know All Banks Balance Enquiry Via Sms or Missed call

     There is no need   to go to your branch or atm machine waiting in a long queue to get your bank account balance details .  so, here I am sharing all government and private  banks official number to get balance inquiry through missed call. This

5 Simple steps to Fix Water Damaged Phone

     This kind of situation will happens to all that you will  mistakenly drop you mobile in the sink, pool, beach  or in your washroom, otherwise mainly in the rainy season in our everyday lives. This situation is happened to me too. My mobile is fully

How to transfer Balance from one mobile to another mobile

     There is the easy way to transfer the talk time from one mobile to the another,  This emergency situation will happen to everyone mobile for the prepaid mobile number. Sometime we are in the outside and the mobile is in empty balance , in the urgent

How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Rankings

      Image optimization is an art where it attract the viewers to your article. Image is the first thing we overlooked in the search result of the SEO. Image is the gate way in the search engine where it has lot of opportunity to attract


                                                Twitter is the best social network created reputations all around the world which also work as the small blog.Twitter is not only to

Way to write the successful selling E-book

An ebook is the simple text file or application written in online editor. even it can be printed form, you can also read in the laptop, phone and tablets.eBook are primarily packaged in PDF  formet which can read by PDF reader. you can earn money easily, but

Earn money by selling e-book online

                                          One of the great things about selling ebooks is that you only need to writing skill or you have to know the selling way  and you