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Parental Control Apps for Android smartphones and tablets

     Nowadays children spending more times in the internet, whether internet providing e unlimited access to all this information, you probably  want your children  safe adult content, restrict app purchases, set time-use limits and even monitor calls texts and web activity. Latest versions of Android include

How To Add Facebook Comments Box To Blogger Blog or websites

      In this article i’m going to discuss about ow to Add Facebook Comments Box for Blogger. If you have lot of visitors in your facebook, Facebook Comments box also help you to make your blog to directly interact with the admin and other visitors, Hence

How to increase the number of fans on the Facebook page

Social medias like the Facebook and the twitter is the best marketing tool to promote your business. It is the beat way to get more customers in your facebook page to promote your products and services, you can able to stay in touch with the customers ,

How to Select all Friends at once and invite Friends on Facebook ( with just One Click )

     We always spend most of our time in chatting with our friends in Facebook.Facebook is the common link to connect all our friends from collegues, college friends, school friends, neighbours, relatives in the common chat room. It create the bondage between all of us.If We

How to Add the Facebook Like Box / Fan Box in your blog /WordPress

  It is very steps to  the like box or the Facebook Fan Box is the in your blog. Facebook Fan Box    is a great plugin that allows blog visitors to subscribe to your blog updates via their Facebook accounts, without leaving your blog.  Every blog  has their

How To Block Facebook On My Computer

  Many youngsters are addicted to social websites, mainly in  facebook nowadays. They always spending their times in chatting with their friends in facebook.Even in the exam time also , they spend 24/24 time in facebook. so many of the parents want to block the FaceBook in their

Secret Facebook Chat Code

  Nowadays we  are more addicted to facebook. we always spending time with friend and relatives through facebook. While chatting with friends we are bored with the same style of typing. Now facebook came with the amazing chat images like alphabets in the colorful style and the

how to fix a hacked facebook account

Many hackers are surviving in the facebook. always trying to hack others account. not all the time we will keep our account more secure. even my friends account also hacked by the professional hackers. they chance to use their photos for the wrong purpose, they will send

How to create Multiple Facebook Accounts With Single Gmail Address

Everyone is using facebook to chat with their friends, relatives, colleges, and the acquaintances. but you won’t want to mix up all, sometime you want to touch with your relatives separately for your privacy. for that purposes or the some other reasons you need the another facebook

How to Backup Your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Account

However, You can now recapture your  to go the history and make it alive in all major social networking websites . you can download your  uploaded statuses, tweets and images back to storage from full online social websites history. When you back up your social networks  likes  Facebook,