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How to Block Image for A Particular Website

     In few websites we will  get annoyed of some pictures, mainly when we are surfing at the slow net speed and particularly in the long pages while surfing for the story or the content. They will add some exciting photos to attract visitors  for more

6 Best Free Light Weight Antivirus Software/Apps for Windows 7,8, XP

     Windows operating system has more chance of affect by the viruses, Trojans and other Malwares.  This can used  to protect many privacy issues as your personal information could be at risk For that purpose   we are downloading the  antivirus programs and anti-spyware programs from the

How To Shutdown/turn off your PC/Laptop using Pen Drive

     Usually we shutdown the computer or the  laptop by continuous pressing or holding the power button to shut down your PC for few seconds, You can also able to shutdown the computer using pen drive. Just the notepad tricks you can use the same technique in

How To Add a Background Music/Song In Website or Blogs

     It is really amazing while  Surfing on Website/Blog in the google search engine, automatically start to play Music when webpage is loaded. You can choose the best theme to decorate your blog or your website. In additional to that you can add the background music

Shutdown your PC /laptop from anywhere using mobile phone

     When we are in outside and you remember that  you forgot to shutdown the computer and you can’t able  to go home back. There is the chances to hack or collect your details or the files without your permission. you don’t know what to do

How to Know Admin Password Through Guest Account

In this article i’m going to discuss about how to know the administrator password through the guest account. it will help you to reset the password if you forgot the admin password .Or it will helpful for the hacking purpose too.. It works on all windows XP

How to recover the pc/laptop’s password which was lost

  we fix the strong and the non guessable password to our laptop or the personal computer to save our personal data. sometimes we will forget the password. even if we think hard to remember  the forgotten password , it won’t come to our mind. it may

How to Connect to a Projector in Windows 8

You can connect your computer to a projector to  display a screen as larger and wider . it mainly helpful for the presentations, meeting, watching videos.     Most projectors can be used computer-free, hooked to a DVD player or other video source, or even running presentations

How To Play Puzzle Game In VLC Player

Everyone love to play song and listening music. now it com with the combined can use the VLC media player not only to watch movies or songs , you can play the puzzle  games  for time pass.there are only few easy   and quick trick to

100 + Keyboard Shortcuts (Microsoft Windows)

This article is about More than 100 Keyboard Shortcuts must read & Share.this keywords helpful to work faster  in microsoft windows. it helps to make your fingers move from mouse.      Keyboard Shortcuts (Microsoft Windows)   1. CTRL+C