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Parental Control Apps for Android smartphones and tablets

     Nowadays children spending more times in the internet, whether internet providing e unlimited access to all this information, you probably  want your children  safe adult content, restrict app purchases, set time-use limits and even monitor calls texts and web activity. Latest versions of Android include

5 Simple steps to Fix Water Damaged Phone

     This kind of situation will happens to all that you will  mistakenly drop you mobile in the sink, pool, beach  or in your washroom, otherwise mainly in the rainy season in our everyday lives. This situation is happened to me too. My mobile is fully

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 leaked – 4.5inch screen, Android 4.4 quad-core processor

Samsung is going to launch the new model of Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Dual SIM (SM-G355H) was   leaked in Russia,They leaked with the   2 press images and the   upcoming specifications. They leaked in this official website in Russia before launch .The main advantage of the

How to Skype Video Chat on an Android Phone

   Now you can use the Skype video chat easily in the  Android. you can  to share your precious  moments with your friends wherever you are.All you need is  the any android moblie which including(HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia pro and the

How to increase your android or smartphones battery life

Nowadays android or smartphones  are being the part of everyone’s life .If you’re the type who never puts your phone down,you will suffer when screen displays the low battery within 4 hrs. i have the simple manual changes to make your phone work for the longer time.   The

How to Use Android Cell Phone as a computer Modem for Internet

Nowadays everyone has android mobile. and you can use your mobile as system modem without any applications or software . all you need is wireless network provider. android mobile featured to Tethering to share the phone data connection with your computer. you can access the internet when  a wireless connection

How to Turn Your Android Device into a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

  Wireless mouse is more helpful when watching movie or play videos on YouTube and other websites  to playback,more comfortable to use at any places.. Turn your Android Phone, an iPhone or even a tablet device into a wireless mouse and keyboard and control your computer from

Free Top 5 best Android games for all time

We have already viewed top 5 best android apps in previous post Top 5 Android apps review and overview In this post, we have reviewed  android game favorites for all the user forever. android is the one of the best smart phone operating system, now a day we

Top 5 Android apps review and overview

  Android is an gadget operating system consuming by  smartphones and tablets. Now a days Android os  act as brain of gadgets .its apps are  active nerve system of control the gadgets . it is financially takeover by google.  more than a billion people used the android os, it

How to Line application for PC, Android, iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry

    Line application is the most popular message application. Line is a cross platform messaging app which allow additional feature to make free calls and that too in unlimited volume. There are no limits on how much you can use Line on PC, Android, iPhone, Nokia and