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Parental Control Apps for Android smartphones and tablets

     Nowadays children spending more times in the internet, whether internet providing e unlimited access to all this information, you probably  want your children  safe adult content, restrict app purchases, set time-use limits and even monitor calls texts and web activity. Latest versions of Android include

How to Create Temporary Email ID to Share it Online

     Whenever we are opening the internet pages, they are asking for the email ID for their identification. Mainly for the forums, other social networks, shopping sites, banking website, ebook, dating sites etc they are not even allow to open that pages without the email ID.

How to Block Image for A Particular Website

     In few websites we will  get annoyed of some pictures, mainly when we are surfing at the slow net speed and particularly in the long pages while surfing for the story or the content. They will add some exciting photos to attract visitors  for more

Top 9 Blogging communities to promote your blog

    There are many  organic  ways to generate traffic  to your post through guest blogging, sharing  your post regularly on Social Media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Etc,commenting on other blogs.  By that ways there is another greatest way to generate traffic to your blog is  Blogging

How to increase the number of fans on the Facebook page

Social medias like the Facebook and the twitter is the best marketing tool to promote your business. It is the beat way to get more customers in your facebook page to promote your products and services, you can able to stay in touch with the customers ,

Websites To Design Free Printable Invitation Cards-Mother’s day special

   I’m writing this article mainly for the mother’s days. You can send the  special online invitation to you mom mainly for the people who are in distance from home, who miss their mother a lot.                      

How to Record Skype calls and Video Calls free software

Skype is the best free  video calling  app with others across the globe for free. We used to make the video chat with our friends and the loved one, to make the live conference through online , group chatting, conducting interview, teaching lessons and for the various

Websites to watch IPL 7 2014 auction live on your mobile

 Here in this article , i’m going to discuss about few websites to watch the IPL(Indian Premier League ) 7 live in your smartphone.  it  will take place from April 16th, 2014 and will go on till May 30th, 2014. It will be played in two phases  First phase from

25 Hidden Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitter is the popular social media websites. Most of the people spend their time tweet with their friends in twitter.They used to share their chat with others through this media.In this article i’m going to share some of the twitter keyboard shortcut keys which is helpful to

How to Select all Friends at once and invite Friends on Facebook ( with just One Click )

     We always spend most of our time in chatting with our friends in Facebook.Facebook is the common link to connect all our friends from collegues, college friends, school friends, neighbours, relatives in the common chat room. It create the bondage between all of us.If We