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How To Help You Stop Making Grammar Mistakes In English

Everyone want  to communicate more effectively in the workplace or interview or at college. All you need is the practice and patience you will be able to slowly eliminate most of the errors to speak and write better in English. Here in this article i will give

How to Turn a Scanned Document Into Microsoft Word Document

 You can scan a document and convert the text into a format data that you can edit with a word processing program.The process is very simple , here i’m discussed by the two methods by the microsoft office document imaging and by  installed programs in the Control Panel Scan

How to transfer Balance from one mobile to another mobile

     There is the easy way to transfer the talk time from one mobile to the another,  This emergency situation will happen to everyone mobile for the prepaid mobile number. Sometime we are in the outside and the mobile is in empty balance , in the urgent

Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips to Hacks

WhatsApp is not having inbuilt security feature we are using the Phone’s inbuilt pin and There are other option to  set the  locking pattern to the  apps as well ass the safety for the  messages to avoid the people to hack But we can’t block our friends and

Twitter tricks and tips you must know – part2

  Million  of people using twitter but most of don’t know abut the hidden tips and the apps of twitters. as the previous article of the twitters->Twitter tricks and tips you must know – part1. This article is the continuation of the past article. The Hashtag Hashtags

Tips for strong passwords and Most Common Passwords You Should Avoid

Password, the key to open  your account or the folders.so you should set your  password as not only strong , as  unguessable too. If your password is easily guessable, hackers easily find your secret   files,  pictures, videos,mails, and documents. you select the password to be more secure.but

USSD Codes For All Indian Telecom Networks 2014

                        This article is about the USSD code of All The Networks Operators Of India. The USSD ((Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) means toll free access.      You Simply Dial These Codes And Press Call button in

Free Top 5 best Android games for all time

We have already viewed top 5 best android apps in previous post Top 5 Android apps review and overview In this post, we have reviewed  android game favorites for all the user forever. android is the one of the best smart phone operating system, now a day we

Top 5 Android apps review and overview

  Android is an gadget operating system consuming by  smartphones and tablets. Now a days Android os  act as brain of gadgets .its apps are  active nerve system of control the gadgets . it is financially takeover by google.  more than a billion people used the android os, it

How to turn ON Bluetooth in window 8.1

Bluetooth technology lets you connect gadgets wireless to your computer running Windows 8, removing clutter from your desktop. The OS is mostly used in desktop/laptop computers, tablets, Netbooks and media center computers. Windows 8.1  is designed to be compatible with Vista-compatible hardware and applications. This Windows version also